About the Artist

I have been an artist for many years and through many moves and am now  living  in sunny Florida and ready to create a new site for my current work.

Let's go to the beach

I may post older pieces if I figure out this new site works and invite you to check  my blog at celestepappasjones.blogspot.com for more history.

2 thoughts on “About the Artist”

  1. Dear Celeste:

    I envy your being or having been in France. Sue and I went to the U.K. (England, Wales, and Scotland) many years ago but never went to the continent.

    It appears that you have abandoned psychology in favor of art and travel.

    I would enjoy re-establishing contact with you.

    1. Dear Dr. Pate,
      How lovely to read your note! So sorry it has taken so long to reply but I barely know this program and NEVER read the comments…almost let the site go this year but decided to pay one more time.

      Yes we need to reconnect even if I am no longer a paid psychologist!

      I would love to hear from you and catch up….I am sure lots has happened with Sue and the girls. Feel free to write me at celestej@mac.com……I actually read that email!

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